Welcome to the Samsung Designer Community

Warner Doell
Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Digital Appliances

Imagine our homes, the place where we connect with our friends and family, now seamlessly connected by technology designed to enrich our lives every day. As the number of connected product in the home continues to grow, experiences get better. With this, we are committed to showcasing the latest in technology, design and intuitive innovation with a connected ecosystem that offers flexibility, organization, ease-of-use and style for Canadian designers and consumers.

We are now in a time when intuitively connected product – from appliances to consumer electronics – are no longer just a feature in the homes of the tech savvy, but are increasingly integrated into your everyday home. Enter the Samsung Designer Community. As these technologies become more prominent, Samsung is looking to collaborate with designers and decorators to bring their client’s design vision to life with products, tools and ideas that go well beyond the ordinary.

What does a connected home look like? At Samsung, we believe the connected home goes beyond the IoT (Internet of Things)-enabled, innovative products we bring to market. Our connected product innovations connect people and families with each other and the world around them.

Let’s start in the kitchen, which is the hub of the home. With the Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator, families have access to a Wi-Fi-enabled touchscreen that lets them manage groceries, connect with family members and entertain. You can create shopping lists and see inside your refrigerator with three built-in cameras from anywhere, in addition to setting expiration notifications to make sure everything is fresh.

Our smart appliances are designed for Canadian families who are seeking smarter technology and interested in products that make their lives more convenient and enjoyable. FlexSystem, an innovative laundry pair, gives users the option to do two loads in one, freeing up time that would otherwise be spent washing your delicates and heavily soiled items separately. Its Wi-Fi connectivity also makes laundry feel less of a chore, allowing Canadians to monitor cycle times, receive alerts when the cycle is complete and schedule cycles with their smartphone[1].

Moreover, a TV, like The Frame, is no longer just an outlet to watch the news and movies, but can be a statement piece of art when it is off.  In fact, the TV was designed to appear just like a picture frame would appear on a wall, outfitted with the Samsung Invisible Connection Cable that allows it to hang anywhere in the home, and blending seamlessly into any living space without unsightly cables or wires.

While each product on its own offers a multitude of efficiencies, together they make up the picture of the home of the future. While Samsung continues to create products that simplify the lives of Canadians through intuitive innovation, our appliances are born from the insight that for many designers and consumers, innovative design is becoming just as important as functionality and performance.

The connected home, once part of our imagination, is here today.  We hope to help educate and inspire Canadian consumers and designers to imagine a more beautiful, intuitive home.

Warner Doell is Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Digital Appliances at Samsung Canada and oversees the sales and marketing for the company’s digital appliances division. With over 20 years of management experience in the home appliance industry, Warner is a thought leader on intuitive, smart home technology and appliances in Canada.

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