It’s more than a fridge. It’s the Family Hub.

An average family visits the kitchen 40 times a day, which probably means the fridge is opened just as often. So we asked ourselves: how can we improve on what is essentially a storage space for food?

The Family Hub has the potential to change the household dynamic in new and positive ways. From a mere cold storage appliance to the center for healthy eating, fun cooking and bringing the family closer together. A focal point, a core or hub for the family. This is no longer the refrigerator you knew. In this Internet of Things age, the Family Hub is destined to be the center of the smart home, expanding its connectivity beyond the kitchen to devices and other applications both in and outside the periphery we call home. This is not only a next step evolution in kitchen appliances, but how we interact with objects and products themselves.

At Samsung Electronics we’re on a journey to discover paradigm shifts not only in our products but more importantly in the lives of our customers. Where better to start than in the kitchen?

Connecting In with Out

We put three cameras inside the Family Hub, so you’ll always know what you have. When you close the door, those cameras take a snapshot of the interior and send it to your smart device. Food Management lets you add items to your shopping list app and log expiration dates, keeping your food (and your fridge) fresh.

Connecting the Family

Keeping everyone’s schedules straight is a big job, and chances are that little whiteboard in your kitchen isn’t cutting it. We designed the Family Hub to display messages, photos, schedules, and reminders all at once. That information is synced over multiple smart devices, so everyone stays in the loop wherever they are.

Connecting You with Recipes

No matter what you’re cooking, counter space is precious. Lose the laptop and follow a recipe on the Family Hub using the Recipe App. Choose from the 20,000+ recipes we’ve logged on the app, or get suggestions based on your food preferences (picky eaters, rejoice!).

That’s it: the solution to improving the refrigerator was literally staring us in the face. What once stood as empty space, occasionally riddled with photos, memos or tourist magnets, could become a central point for the home and a hub for the entire family.