Samsung ShowCase Refrigerator

Designed for every family member

When designing the Samsung ShowCase refrigerator, we meticulously studied how individual family members use the fridge in their daily lives. This got us thinking: how could we make a friendlier refrigerator that serves the individual needs of each family member?

Inner ShowCase

We divided the refrigerator space into two parts according to what kind of environment was needed. Items that needed to be kept deep inside for maximum refrigeration were placed in the InnerCase, and those that needed to be visible were placed in the ShowCase. We decided that having two doors made a lot of sense – one to access the ShowCase, and the other to open the InnerCase. Even with two doors, the Samsung ShowCase was built strong enough to prevent any loss in insulation, but also light enough so everyone could easily access what they needed, even without a parent around.

Spatial Efficiency for Family

Other double-door refrigerator models are filled with multiple shelves that make the most of the interior space, but the very top and bottom layers were either too high or too low, creating unused spaces. We re-designed these shelves considering the age, height, and needs of the family members. The top section was designed for the tallest (adult) family members, with the middle beverage section for everyone. We then made a bottom section for the kids, allowing them to easily reach whatever snack they need without their parent’s help.

A Fridge for All

By refusing to follow a one-size fits-all plan, we designed a refrigerator that challenged traditional uses of space. But more importantly, we made sure everyone in the family could reach their favourite snacks.