Technology in plain sight makes for Beautiful Design

Cynthia Soda
Owner & Principal Interior Designer, Soda Pop Design Inc.

My first mobile phone had a green screen and physical buttons with numbers only to dial out in case of emergencies. Not long after, phones became available with texting and gaming apps, and has now become more than just a basic form of communication. I often contemplate how our generation grew up alongside advancements in technology and how funny it is that our children use it as second nature. My eldest as a toddler, walked up to our TV and tried to swipe to the next channel with her finger. It’s amazing to think of how far we’ve come in such a short period of time.

Recently, I had the opportunity to explore how today’s innovations in technology are impacting the world of interior design alongside fellow industry experts at Samsung Canada’s head office, as part of the brand’s Samsung Designer Community initiative. As a busy mom and professional, I regularly consider how we can use technology to help us with our day to day.

For example, appliances like the Samsung Family Hub refrigerator make appointments visible on a shared calendar screen and even help keep stock of what’s in the fridge. As a busy mom on the go, I’m keenly aware of the role that technology can play in helping keep me more organized and in touch with my family.
Being a busy family means you’re often spread out between school, work, activities and errands. More than ever before, clients are considering smart home monitoring to ensure the safety and welfare of their children and pets at home. Controlling temperature, lights, alarms and music remotely with the touch of a button is available and easily customizable based on your needs.

Demanding more of our tech, we don’t want visible connections (read: cords) everywhere. The integration of TVs is typically one of the most popular conversations we have with our clients as most are concerned with viewing heights, distance, size etc. The Samsung QLED TV uses a single invisible connection and plugs into the One Connect Box that can remotely respond to your remote control. Translating into a cleaner design – and when you’re not catching up with your favourite shows, the TV essentially blends right into your wall, thanks to Ambient Mode. The Frame also serves up an alternative to having a TV do double duty both as an art piece and as a home entertainment hub. The Frame’s Art Mode allows homeowners to showcase art and photography in their homes when the TV is off, creating a customized way to disguise the TV when not in use.

With so much available, it is important to consider technology that plays nice with others – meaning, they will still talk to and work with other brand investments in your home whether they be video monitoring, home security or AI assistance. With all these advancements, it’s only a matter of time before our laundry machines start folding our clothes – that’s tech this designer-mom of four can certainly get behind!

This post was sponsored by Samsung. The views and opinions expressed in this post; however, are purely my own.